Remo 16' Earth Djembe Reviews 4

Color is weird textured ratty brown. It lools soft and fuzzy, but it's actual a hard texture that resists scarring, etc. Size is 16' head, drum is about 2ft tall, weight is 'kinda heavy'.

I bought it on impulse, from the local GC, cuz it was used and in exc shape, and I bargained them down to $90 :-) It's not really a relevant ax to the bands I'm in, a lounge act and a string band, but I've just been going thru a lotta drums lately cuz the ladyfriend keeps snagging all the drums I bring home, but this one I think will be MY keeper ... partly cuz it's really too big for her bicycle ;-)

What I like is that it's modern. Does it sound 'authentic' ? Beats me. Nobody was playing djembe in my village when I was coming up. But ... it sounds really killer, huge bass in the center, and a whole range of hot tones on the way to the edge. I like that the deep bass tone is a bit 'edgy', not soft and dull. The huge head makes it easier to control tone cuz it's a long way from center to edge. It has conga-like tuners so I don't need to 'learn the ropes' of djembe tuning. I did try that once. Once is enuf ! The body and head are both synthetic, which means thay are more hassle-free and climate resistant than natural materials. Has a rubber rim on the bottom.

It's really heavy. The mechanical tuners can be a bit un-comfy depending on how you tilt the drum between your knees. If you don't tilt it, the rubber bottom edge against the floor or ground will 'shut off' all the deep bass.

Fibreglass head, hardware [lug] tuning [no ropes], synthetic body [appears to molded, definitely different than fibreglass bodied congas]. Uglee, textured but scar-resistant brown finish.

This think is HUGE [for a djembe]. Not many traditional drum makers are gonna hollow out a log big enuf to make a drum this size. Such a log would prolly be better used for a canoe or something ... ]. It does NOT have a really organic tone like you get from hide heads on wooden drums ... but it's still a cool difference from trap drum sound. We also have a pair of fibreglass-bodies congas, and this is similar ... meaning it's also LOUD. If Remo had managed to get a more organic tone, and if they had added a handle or two to lift and carry it by, if they had used the longer, conga-type tuning lugs, and if they had added ports to the bottom so the bass can pump out even when it's flat against the floor, then I'd hafta rate it a '5' or even a '6' ! But I think it's a better-than-average djembe due to its modern design and materials ... and it does sound great even if not 'organic' ... so it gets a '4'.

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2010-06-23.

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