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This is the very first djembe I ever bought. Back in 2005 I had an acoustic gig coming up at the Rainbow Bar and Grill at the Sunset Blvd, which it was one of the big hang out spots of the metal LA era, since it’s right next to the Roxy. I had to buy something portable and that sounded good, another big factor was budget which it was short.

I paid something around $200 back in 2005. This djembe can be found for a little less than that now.

This is a pre-tuned djembe, so don’t expect to find lugs holding the drumhead. This drum does sound really good, it comes with a fiberskyn 3 skin, which gives a warm tone to it. Besides being really fun to play it, they come in very cool finishes, I have the “island” one. I had the chance play it on a few recordings and I was able to get a great sound from it, filled with lows.

Since you can’t change the head, you have be super careful with this drum to do not rip its skin. Who like to buy a whole new drum every time that happens? Anyhow, it’s something it will only happen in case of an accident.

This is a 10” in diameter and 20” in height djembe made by Remo. It comes with a pre-tuned fiberskyn skin. Very well built with great quality. It comes with a shoulder strap so you can play it standing up or walking around your neighborhood.

Nice toned djembe drum with very affordable price. Great if this is your first djembe acquisition.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-06-25.

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