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I bought these drum heads (my kit needed new heads all around 10", 12", 13" Rack toms, 16" Floor. I bought Ebony Pinstripes for the top head and Ebony Ambassadores for the bottom. I've used this combination before on an older kit with great results. The cost to re-head my toms was 160.00 with tax.

The Ebony heads (dispite what Remo says in their info about them)differ in sound quality from their clear counterparts. Ebony's have less sustain and are less resonate than clear heads. Infact, I know people that won't buy them for that reason. I, however like this about them. I play a medium priced Pearl Prestige kit and they sound excellent on my kit. They also look very cool. Looks are half the battle of awing folks! (Of course you have to be able to play too!) But the sound in this combination is really warm with out the over ring asociated with other heads I've used. I play these "full open" with no tape, no "dead ringers" no muffling what so ever. They deliver warm, punchy, in your face tones that sound good live and recorded.

They're usually more expensive than clear heads.

Remo makes quality drum heads. I've only had a few that were hard to tune out of the box. The tap test works! Tap the head and listen. If it sounds good before you put it on the drum, it will sound good ON the drum. If it sounds flat and rattles, you'll be hard pressed to keep it tuned on the drum. Try it! It works!

If you like good looks and a slightly less resonate sound, Ebony's are for you if your willing to pay a few extra bucks. I recommend you at least give them a try!

Louderdb rated this unit 4 on 2002-08-20.

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