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I recently purchased a 6/8/10 set of Remo Roto-toms from Musicians Friend because I had been wanting to get some new toms for my drum set. When I saw these in the catalog, I knew that these Roto-toms would be perfect for me. I got them for the very reasonable price of $140.

I like the sturdy mounting hardware and the stand on the Roto-toms, and this quality and durability is important to me because I have gotten stands before that collapse easily after about two minutes of the hard playing I do. They also made me feel like I was behind Neil Peart's drums, instead of my five-piece Pearl Forum series set.

The main thing that I don't like about the drums is that they are all on one plane; there are no swivel mounts to make them face me perfectly. This makes access to the six- and eight-inch toms difficult at times, but I can still manage.

The Roto-toms are, as I previously stated, mounted on a high-quality stand and are securely mounted on the rail. I am convinced that these toms will not move unless that is what is intended by the user. When removing the toms from their rail, they can be easily loosened and can be slid off of each end of the roto-track.

Basically, my Roto-toms are the best purchase I have made for my drums since I bought my double pedal. Whether you play music by Dream Theater or Billy Joel, Roto-toms will be a great addition to your set.

K. Brassette rated this unit 5 on 2002-06-21.

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