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I bought my Laptop Snare at Mars Music, Atlanta, for about $30 and tax. I purchased it for use when practicing (particurly with brushes); and for use in very low-volume, informal situations.

The Laptop Snare provides the drummer with the same "pick-up-&-go" convenience that guitarists have always enjoyed, and which bassists have begun to enjoy with the advent of accoustic/electric basses. I use my Laptop primarily when practicing with a 3-piece "semi-unplugged" group. We practice in our bassist's den, and I can be set-up and ready to play in less than 30 seconds. The Laptop Snare comes with a carrying case which holds the drum and has a pocket on the outside which can hold a pair of sticks and a pair of brushes. On most songs, I simulate a hi-hat ride by using a Blastick or Hot Rod in one hand; in the other, I use a regular stick for the Snare Drum part. The Laptop puts out plenty of volume for our practices, and really sounds quite good to weigh less than 1 pound! The Laptop also allows me to practice my brushwork at low volumes. The coated head, 13" size, and good snare response combine to provide the best practice tool for brushwork I've seen.

The snares buzz a bit more than I like, even when adjusted to the maximum tightness. The extra measure of buzz is not noticable when playing with other musicians, but bugs me a bit when playing alone. I overcome this buzz by sticking a cotton ball, or folded over piece of cardboard between the snares and the frame. I also wish that the outside pocket on the carrying bag which holds the sticks and brushes had a covering flap, or that this pocket was inside the bag. It is very easy for the sticks and/or brushes to fall out while in transit.

The Laptop Snare consists of a rim onto which a pre-tuned batter head is mounted. The bottom side of the rim is covered in a rubber bumper, which reduces movement and noise while the Laptop is being played. On the bottom of the batter head is afixed a Rhythm Tech Active Snare system. This process provides excellent snare response at low volumes. Slight adjustment of the snare tension is allowed by small phillips-head screws on the Active Snare frame. To weigh so little, the Laptop Snare seems to be a well-constructed instrument that should last long after one has gotten their money's worth!

The Laptop Snare is a great product, one that really isn't like anything else on the market! It allows drummers to grab a single bag and head out to a campfire sing, unplugged gig, or any informal, low-volume musical setting.

Larry T. Kennedy rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-05.

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