Rira Guitar Company 4-String Active Bass Reviews 5

I bought it from a custom gutiar shop. The guy there was a renowned bassist in my country. He showed this bass. It looked very expensive but it turned out to be only US$500.

It has got a 2-Band EQ. Neck-thru construction and a string-thru body. The body is made from walnut and alder. The neck's made form maple and walnut. It has a glossy finish to it. Looks good. The tone is very punchy, very well-modelled. Unlike many basses which have very flat tones. I was told that these brand is getting more and more popular among sessionists.

Nothing at the moment. If there was to be a mistake, i would say that there is no battery cavity.

Construction is undeniably excellent. I have seen boutique basses that have lousier quality and contruction but a larger price tag. If this carried a Warwick logo, it would retail for at least US$3000. No kidding.

The brand may be unheard of. But, the sound would show you light! Never make brand names be a decision factor in helping you get your ideal bass.

Riduan rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-24.

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