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Rob Papen Blue

The patches are definitely the best thing about this software, also the in program effects. There arent a lot of effects or any effects that will really blow your mind but they will go great with some of the sounds that Blue has. I have been using blue for about 4 years now and still continue to use it off and on depending on what style of song ... [read more on Audiofanzine]

stompboxjon rated this unit 5 on 2012-07-06.

There are many factors that makes Blue a great virtual instrument. I could simply summarize these qualities in two words: quantity and versatility. Although, Blue comes with a series of really awesome pads, basses and synths presets, its true power can be found on how versatile it is when reshaping, adding and subtracting effects, and creating beautiful and strange synthesis sounds. Blue features 6 oscillators that can be chained or directly sent to its two interfaced filters, effects and many crafting synthesis tools. You can easily manipulate its global parameters and effects, oscillator connections, phase distortion and wave shaping, envelopes, LFO, sequencing, and effects. Its many knobs offer so many possibilities for crafting a sound, making Blue highly addictive.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2011-02-07.

I have been using it for 3 months now. What I like most is the huge quality array of presets. They really are sweet. When live, I almost never tweak them internally because I have a sweet analog effects chain (moog, Diamond, BBE, Analogman) I run it through to get some crazy sounds. I actually got all three of Rob Papens synths (Blue, predat... [read more on Audiofanzine]

songboy rated this unit 5 on 2008-12-05.

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