Rodeo Acoustic Bass Reviews 5

The Rodeo acoustic bass was finished in natural colour, was full size and is a 4 string bass. We bought this along with other instruments for our music school to use in classes for our students.

We bought this on for 130. Shipping was 8.75. I managed to try it out along with some other instruments first but ended up getting them all shipped as be bought a lot as they were for a school.

Astonishingly good finish in a nice lacquer. The guitar is constructed from spruce and sapele wood in a natural colour. It actually sounds great when you bear the price in mind. It has that lovely acoustic tone, but with plenty of body and nice low end. Very well setup with good hardware.

Can't really think of anything specific. This is the type of acoustic bass that I would expect to be in the 300 - 500 bracket, so I am very impressed with it.

Very solid overall, good quality materials used. It is constructed and setup well with a low action and fretboard is quite smooth. Very nice to play and a EQ panel is good and gives a good array of tones

This is the best mid range acoustic bass I have come across despite being only 130 which would put it in the low end in terms of price but at the top of the mid range in terms of quality.

Marian Tracey rated this unit 5 on 2011-02-09.

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