Rogue Grand Concert Acoustic-Electric Reviews 5

I got it from Musicians Friend for 100 dollars.

I love the looks,the neck and i really really like the sound i.e Big Boomy Acoustic. I really really really liked the price also.

The preamp has a loose connection somewhere and if you point the neck to the sky it makes various bad noises. But it doesnt make any other noises if its played in any other position. Frankly i was expecting worse for only 100 bucks.

Construction is very solid. Quality is great except for the preamp.

I would recommend it just for the acoustic sound alone. I am very willing to deal with the pre amp problem. And frankly at 100 bucks i am willing to put a little time and effort in to it. If the preamp worked perfectly i would say that around 450 dollars would be a fair price to pay. I have played many guitars in that range that sound much much worse acousically. Buy it.

Guitarist of Last Chance www, rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-06.

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