Rogue Herringbone Grand Concert Accoustic/Electric Reviews 4 $99.99 I wanted a guitar to practice with during my lunch hour. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a guitar that will get kicked around.

Solid Sitka spruce top. Fishman Classic 4 pre-amp. Amplified, this guitar sounds wonderful. Tuners seem cheap but stay in tune well. All in all, a very respectable guitar.

Dirty frets that needed cleaning. The amp jack made poor connection (tuner cleaner from radio shack and a Q-tip fixed it) Unamplified the sound is a little weak, but the tone is very acceptable for a $100 guitar. (not much to dislike if all you can find to complain about is dirty frets)

Quality of the construction is good. Shiney laquer finish that didn't have any flaws. I had to lower the action a bit, but out of the box it wasn't bad.

You can't go wrong. The Fishman pre-amp is worth $90 alone! My only problem is this guitar is so nice, I am still looking for a cheap knock around to practice with at work. I'm tempted to give this guitar a rating of 5, but I am giving it a 4. (Have to leave room for Taylors and Martins) But compared to any other $100 guitar, it is a 5 !!

Scott has sore fingers rated this unit 4 on 2005-02-17.

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