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I acquired the rogue acoustic guitar at a local flea market. I bought it brand new,still in the box. I paid $85.00 for it, for which i thought was a little high at first until i brought it home.I had been wanting a nice acoustic to bang around on in my spare time. When i got it home, i took off playing, and the sound was great. The price was right.

The sound of these guitars are great. That is what i like most, i just can't believe the sound. Very crisp, but warm and smooth and when you want to do some heavy playing, it won't let you down.

There are a few flaws in the base of the neck and in the body. You can see where the neck was slapped together, seem's like it was done in a hurry. The body looks pretty good, but looks like the clear coat was sprayed on very thin in areas and to much in others.

The construction is'nt bad. It was put together pretty well for a cheap priced guitar. The neck is real smooth and the frets dont dig into your fingers. The keys are nice and tight like a guitar should be.

Over all, the guitar is a great deal for a beginner or an average player. The sound is great, crisp and warm all in one. For the price, any person could not go wrong. The company could take a little more time on their instruments and add better material and have even a better sounding guitar and make more money per buy.

D. Perdue rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-20.

i recieved this guitar as a gift, it was part of the mandolin/dreadnought package from musicians friend for $99 for both

This Perticular guitar i recived came with great solid tuning pegs, nice smooth finish, a great feel. It has a warm, soft tone, not too bright like some accoustics are. has an over all great playabilty and awsome dynamic traits, meaning she screams loud when you want her to.

the bridge and nut are plastic as with most low line guitars, to be expected and can be replaced with hand made bone bridge and nut for next to nill. The body of the guitar has some speckeling as if it were over sprayed on but i could care less. The strings sucked that came on it, flaked away in 2 weeks of use.

The over all quality of this Dreadnought i would say is a 7/10, some easy to up grade parts make it an awsome deal.

Bottom line i feel this is a Great first or second guitar for the intermidiate and entry level. Upgrade the nut, bridge pins, and bridge to bone and the strings to elixers and you have a killer sounding accoustic!

Justin A rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-12.

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