Rogue RD100-12 Reviews 4

Musican's Friend for $99.99. Just wanted a cheap 12 string to bang on. Nothing fancy on this one.

Excellent action and string adjustment. No buzzing. Beautiful wood grain and finish. Loud twangy tone. Smooth enclosed tuners. Sounds very clear and balanced. Don't know what kind of wood is used.

Smells like fresh varnish. That should pass. Bass is a little thin with the factory strings. Change them out. Would love to see a solid top version like the 6 string.

Quite good. Feels light but solid. Beautiful finish. Strap button is solid.

Incredible value for $99. This is a good 12-string at any price but outstanding for $99.

David Hillsman rated this unit 4 on 2002-06-27.

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