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I bought this as a starter's amplifier, for $79.99 from, ordered online.

The unit's main pro is that it's very cheap, especially for a 20-watt amp. It has a clean channel that has a very reduced noise level. The amp isn't very heavy, it's easy to practice with, nice and small, and does get pretty loud when playing alone.

This Rogue unit, first of all, has a very bad sound output. Under high distortion, or with a distortion pedal, the amp makes a background "hissing" sound. Whenever playing with someone else, such as a drummer or another guitarist, you need to really crank up the volume rather loud. A huge problem with the sound of the amp is that its tone "flattens out" when played at length at high volume levels. This is not uncommon for solid state amps like this one, but it happens faster and more frequently on this Rogue 20 watt. Also, if you play heavy music that demands distortion, this isn't the amplifier for you. It screams at high volume levels with distortion, and the built-in distortion is absolutely horrific... not even adequate for most classic rock sounds.

Rogue's amp construction is very shabby, and it doesn't look like it could take a beating. If you shake the amp, or put it down hard on a surface, it emits a clattering sound from within. I haven't quite found out what this is, but it has been happening since I purchased the amp. If you're looking for durability and reliability, this Rogue 20-watt is definitely not worth considering.

This amp is a pure beginner practice amp. There are no special features or thick, tone-solidified sound that experts or even lower intermediates can appreciate. My suggestion is that you save your money, the mere $60-80 that this costs, and place it towards a better amp by a more established company.

The Guru rated this unit 2 on 2002-02-05.

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