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Got this amp off of I believe this is the only place to get Rogue amps unless you find one on EBAY or a used guitar shop. I got it for only $120. It might be $150 now but that's still an excellent price.

THE PRICE!!! For 50 watts $120 is pretty cheap. It has a good clean channel. The distortion on here is better than most other's that are two times more expensive. BIG low end as well as high end. This amp has lots of bass, which is what i like. You can also get lots of treble(high end) also. You can tweak the amp to have any sound you would like. Also very low background noise. There's actually almost none.

It's kinda heavy to lift but it isn't much of a problem. I wish the effects loop was on the front of the amp instead of the back cause i have to reach over to turn on the effects so it gets kinda annoying. If you wanted though you could just plug the effects into the input instead.

Since it is heavy it's also very sturdy and wont break on you. I've had no problems with it.

If you are looking for a cheap amp but want excellent quality GET THIS AMP. You'd be surprised on how good this amp really is.

Just Some Guy Who Likes To Review Stuff rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-17.

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