Rogue CG-50 Guitar Amplifier Reviews 4

Bought mine early 2002, from Musicians Friend. The Main seller of these Rogue Products; otherwise Ebay(of course, ;), or other outlets. 50 watt, 2 channel amp. 12" speaker. Replace that with a JBL, EV, Jensen, Emminence, etc. Match the ohmage/wattage of course.

Not a bad lil' amp. Here's why: it's not that great on it's own. The O/D on Channel 2 is reminescent of a "classic" sound. Ok. The Clean Channel, 1st, is better. The EQ is average/decent/good. The Presence control works well. The Reverb is not bad overall. But one should use this amp with an FX processor, like a Digitech, Zoom, etc. At least stomp pedals, at the least. Improves your sound. I use a Zoom 505, the older model, and it sound good. I also use a Digitech RP100, but prefer the Zoom. Using a Tube Screamer from Ibanez, or a Arion Tube Emulator helps to create a "classic" tube sounding amp. No kidding! I rarely, but do, use an Ibanez UE300 pedal board. Features: Compressor/Stereo Chorus/Tube Screamer. Great sounds overall from that setup. 1st choice is the Zoom. Is built well enough. Alot of reviews here and other review sites claim theirs' ordered came in poor condition. It's hit and miss, especially when one mail orders something. Mine was, and still is, solid construction. Fairly light wt. 35-40 lb.or so.

50 watts is good for practicing/small gigs. But I'd get a better speaker, if able to. Only dislike is the 12" speaker. I'll replace mine soon, as it seems to "fizzle". I use this amp quite a bit.

MIne is good; some others can't say the same. Worth checking out at least.

It operates as an old school amp, in features/options. Kind of like a older Fender. These amps, btw, are made alongside the Fenders/Marshalls/Crates that come out. Something to chew on. I'd at least test/play one. See if it works for you.The price alone makes it worthwhile.

Some guy.... rated this unit 4 on 2004-11-02.

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