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I got this amp off of musicians friend because i needed a gigable amp and fast. i didn't want to spend too much money so the $199 price tag attracted me to it. The review was good from musicians friend but, when i pluged it in I was very disapointed.

The price, just the price

The amp is rated at 100 Watts but it's not even as loud as my fender deville which has 60 Watts of power. I was looking for a low cost amp that could be giged. when it arived and i pluged it in i was VERY disapointed.

The quality? What quality. The clean chanel is flat, fuzzy, depthless, toneless and just crap. The overdrive chanel sounds like someone cut the speakers. The overdrive does give mor bass but still has no tone. The reverb on this amp makes it sound like there is something wrong with the speakers, which themselves have quality that matches construction paper. All you hear is a ring and a watery sound even when its all the way up. turn this amp pass 7 on volume and the fuzz kicks right in. The clean chanel has its own overdrive controll but did not work on mine.

Do not buy this amp. The quality of these amps is 5th rate. I could make a better sounding amp with a car amp from walmart and some effects pedels. Some things on my amp didn't even work right when i got it out of the box. I have tried to use as many descriptive words as possible but if i summed up the quality i would say " Its just a flaming turd of an amp ".

Josh rated this unit 1 on 2002-11-28.

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