Rogue Rogue Halfstack 100W Tubedrive Head Reviews 2

I ordered it from musiciansfriend and paid 750$ for it

Well this amp is powerful and I'm sure if you got the right one you will like it

There are plenty of things I do not like about this amp. First of all i was not thinking when i bought it because you cannot carry it.. I bought it with the 400 watt cabinet. I had to ship the head back because the clean mode was fuzzy if you strummed hard. Then when i got it back the foot pedal did not work and it was even fuzzier. I heard it was supposed to be equivalent to a marshall but i'm going to sell it and buy the Line6 212amp combo. I've had a lot of problems with my rogue amp I really recommend not buying it and going with Marshall or Line 6!!!

It looks great gold and black like marshall the 400 watt cabinet is great but big. The amp is fuzzy and its the second one i had i do not like it.. bad quality

I really do not like this amp. it's too big but the sound is not bad it has nice distortion but clean is fuzzy and rattles also my footswitch does not work. I will rate it a 2 only because of the nice distortion crunch and contour.

Sean the Polock rated this unit 2 on 2002-02-01.

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