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i'm 18 years old in my heart, but i'm 56. i've been playing since i was 13. i have played so many guitars and amplifiers and i can only put down only a few small practice amps. from the 60's.. i bought just the rogue amp. head. i have a fine 2x12 fender cabinet with a carvin 100w speaker and a eminence 225w speaker. i have no complaints at all with my set-up. the volume is great on the clean side, and, if you play around with the distortion channel, using treble- mid- and bass, there is a very unique distortion sound that is different than any other. yea, i've got all kinds of sound effects units, but all of the distortion effects are all about the same. the rogue distortion is different. take your time and just play whatever lead runs you like. i've played just about every style of music and that "rogue distortion" is what i use for many of the songs i've written. just think, nobody can come close to get that sound. there isn't any way someone is gonna get that sound with any sound effects box.

i bought it at a small music store. it was used and i paid $100 for it. i played thru it and was impressed. rock on.

i said it above

i have no complaints. "rogue" should come out with a 200w or more amp head for a fair price. not to copy or compete "marshall".

find one, play thru it, buy it if you like it.

jim rated this unit 4 on 2007-09-24.

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