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$90USD + $20USD Shipping. Purchased it on line.

I want an inexpensive j-bass in order to preserve my original 1962 Fender J-bass (I'm the original owner as well.) I stumbled on this Chinese clone while searching on line. I have also checked out some Fender Standard, and Squier. But $90. What can I loose? So I decided to give it a try. When I got it. I was really surprised by the quality of this thing. The set up and finish are very good. The action and intonation are just right. The only thing I have to do to it, was to change the strings to D'Addario groundwounds, and tune it. It sounds really pretty good with my ancient VOX tube amp, and my ancient Fender Bassman. The pups are not really noisier than the real Fender's non-noiseless. It's as heavy as my old Fender. And this this can really sustains. The tone controls and volume control work well. Yes. My old Fender is quite a bit better, but a good original vintage like mine will costs you a bundle. But if you're considering a Squier, or Fender Standard. If you'd rather have a very decent and playable bass, and not worry about the name-brand head-trip. I'd recommend this inexpensive chinese clone. It has the basic tones and vibes of a real Fender. How it really sounds will depends on your fingers. If you let your fingers and ears to make the decision... Then, you'll end up with an excellent bass guitar. With a few bills left for perhaps a new practice amp, another guitar, or two; a very decent dinner for two... :)

The original strings suck... It's heavy... But so is the real thing.

It's built like a tank. Have no complain. Better than some new Fender and Squier that I've played in local shops.

I've been playing it for about 2 months now. The more I play it, the more I like it. I've been playing the bass for over 30 years. Have 3 other real Fenders basses. I won't feel like it's lacking anything, when comparing to the real things, other than the big name.

Old hand. 04-25-03. rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-26.

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