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I recently bought one of these Les Paul copies by S101, model EGT34...It is a black Les Paul Custom style guitar, with gold hardware and a rosewood fingerboard. The body is mahogany with a maple cap, and neck is all mahogany. Guitar and neck are bound in white. Guitar is well finished, and hardware is very good quality. Pickups soung great after a bit of adjustment. The neck angle is a little extreme on my guitar, and the bridge must be set a bit high as a result, but is a very playable guitar, and I am very happy with it, especially at the low price. These guitars were made by a Korean company-Samick.They is known for high quality instruments...they made Epiphone guitars and other brands, and this guitar is better than an Epiphone I owned till recently. They are often called 'beginners guitars', but I have been playing since the early 1960's, and own my 3rd Gibson Les Paul and I really enjoy this S101 version. They also make a Tele type and several other types of electric guitar, including a jazz archtop. I recommend these guitars to anyone. If you should happen to find one for sale, do yourself a favor and play it.

I bought this guitar on Ebay, used, for $130 and IMO, it is way better than the price suggests. I do not know if they are still imported at this time. The S101's I have seen for sale recently are all used or old stock. They seem to be from 2002 to 2007 or therabouts.

A Les Paul Custon version, with a slightly different outline. Good electronic components, solid hardware, good finish and great neck and fingerboard. Pickups are humbuckers, and appear to be wax potted. They are pretty hot, and this guitar can be very loud, but has very good tone when controles are turned down.

Set neck is at a pretty extreme angle, but this happens with every brand of guitar, even the very expensive, and it is not a serious problem...just adjust the neck and bridge. This is a pretty heavy, solid body guitar, just like the Gibson Les Paul it is copying. No real negatives at all, only that I'd like to find another one in a different color...

A real bargain if you are afraid to take yur $2,000 Gibson out to play on Saturday nights in a bar. This is a very well made, good playing and good sounding inexpensive guitar that most players would be happy with.

Mark47 rated this unit 4 on 2011-09-08.

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