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I bought this guitar on ebay for 139 EURO (180$ at the time, but they sell much cheaper in the US). Being used to hollowbodies, this was my first "real" electric guitar. I always liked the telecaster look and sound, which is kind of hard to produce with semiacoustic guitars, and I wanted a cheap, "uncomplicated" guitar to practice and for minor gigs. Looking for tele copies, I ran across this SX model on the internet.

Compared to other telecaster lookalikes (except Squier, which I also tested), the SX looked amazingly like the real thing, although the finish (vintage white + white pickguard) may not be original vintage style. Except for the SX logo on the head it looks like a `57 Fender telecaster, and here`s the best thing: it can be equipped with original Fender parts (alas not the neck, I`ve been told). For my taste, it comes very close to the "real" telecaster sound, and the playability is amazing!

Considered the price, which is even lower in the US, there is nothing I truly dislike about this guitar. It had to be finetuned, I had to set the bridge and the neck, but since I put on stronger strings (.10 instead of the original .9), this was to be expected and posed no real problem.

The overall quality surpassed my expectations, the components of this guitar harmonize well, the maple neck plays smooth an easy. The tune-keeping capability is not different from my other guitar ('62 Gretsch Tennessian), so no complaints. The body is slightly thinner (and possibly lighter) than the original Telecaster, but since I'm a tall guy and wear my guitar at belt-level and higher, this comes to my advantage. I considered replacing the pickups, but decided against: there's nothing to do but fiddle with your amp + effects to get your desired telesound.

I dare say that, if you can't get the real thing, the SX vintage tele is a better choice than a Squier, and at roughly half the cost! I join those who consider the SX brand worth the money spent -and more. If I got a 50's Fender Telecaster with the same attributes as my SX at less than 1000$, I'd give it a full score, hence I give the SX a 4 out of 5. But BEWARE: ever since I bought my vintage-Style SX Telecaster, I've never seen this particular SX model again, at least not on the net. Their "standard" tele model as offered on the net has a different, tele-unlike head, as most of the other tele copies... Greetings from Europe T.A. Mauss

T.A.Mauss rated this unit 4 on 2005-01-20.

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