Sabian B8 20' Ride cymbal Reviews 2

The Sabian B8 20 is the very first ride cymbal I purchased when I was starting to play drums. At the time I was looking for a ride that not only had a friendly price tag, but also relatively decent sound. I used to play heavier music back in the day and one of my requirements was to find a ride that also had a cool bell sound.

At the time I paid something around $60 or $70. The Sabian B8 20' Ride cymbal retails nowadays for a price around $100.

Price is definitely the biggest pro here. If you need a ride cymbal for your set regardless of sound and quality, this can be a good one. Depending of your taste you might even fall in love for the B8s, if you don't, remember that there are plenty of entry-level ride cymbals out there. Look for the one that matches your taste. Personally, I think the B8 bell sounds pretty cool.

This ride cymbal has an overall dull sound and weak presence to some extent. I always thought its sound would get buried under my other cymbals.

The B8s are entry-level bronze cymbals made by Sabian. They are strong and durable cymbals, but when regarding about its sound, don't forget what metal they are made from.

For learning and practicing purposes, this Sabian ride cymbal can be a good solution. If you intend to someday play in a more professional level, I would recommend to save some money and go with the AA(X)s or HH(X)s.

mtebaldi rated this unit 2 on 2010-09-21.

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