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The price. As stated in the other review. I had a very low budget, so I got these thinking they would be okay. No. DONT BUY THEM!!

The hi-hats hav some sort of air-trap problem, they make some sort of low pitched, cheap sounding cluck when played closed. When played open, again a cheap ffffff sound comes out. The crash - i'm not even going to comment. Worthless. It gives a stupid unsustained thwack when you hit it, and i am being VERY serious here, I would rather have a dustbin lid. The ride, although parially more acceptable than the rest, still doesn't deliver, with cringing low overtones on the main shell, and when you play the bell it rings with the rest of the cymbal. Not nice.

Quality???! YOU WANT ME TO DESCRIBE QUALITY!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAH! I think i'm going to commit suicide. Very VERy low. SONT BUY THEM EVEN IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!

Cheap, nasty, pointless. Step away from the performance set box that says "Create a great sounding set up like this one" or something like that. Go out of the shop.

Jon rated this unit 1 on 2003-05-30.

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