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This is a walnut back . .rosewood neck , with a maple top.Beautifull. I saw these guitars in the mesa/boogie store in hollywood. There was a beautifull goldtop benchmark their. Then i called Saint Guitars directly and ordered mine.They were very helful. I didnt expect the "hometown" treatment i got.

After all was said and done, I paid $4585.00 US Dollars out the door. With the pickup combination I wanted , and the rosewood neck.

This guitar is so amazing! It has so much resonance and sustain. The website talks of their neckjoint , and how theyve actually assembled them without glue. AMAZING .

So far , this has been a road warrior.I,ve never played a more forgiving axe.

The quaility is second to none. This is a superb sounding axe , as well as construction. Its finish is STUNNING ! Mine is kindof like a blue burst ? over a Quilted maple top.Natural binding compliments the wood.The rosewood is a satin feel on the back of the neck, and the walnut is finish brilliatly like the front. Two humnbuckers (Seymour duncans )round off the package with gotoh 510 tuners and a gotoh wrap around bridge. I really like how the switch is located behind the bridge !

Bottom line. SOLID !!! thanks ADAM AND JAMES AT SAINT !!!

Eddie rated this unit 5 on 2009-01-12.

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