Samick Greg Bennett FN3 5 Reviews 4

I acquired this bass through a trade at a local music shop. The store's retail price was $279.99 (US)

Very playable, thin neck for a 5-string makes it easy to transition from my usual 4-string Fender Jazz. The metalic red finish looks great and the flamed maple headstock adds an extra bit if visual appeal. Overall, it looks like a more expensive bass. It is very well balanced and not overly uncomfortable with a nicely padded strap. It has a huge bridge and enclosed chrome tuners.

Setup was a bit high and there was a snag on the end of one fret. No big problems out of the box. A slight buzz from the pickups, probably due to the pots, but not too hard to replace if it really bothers you. The strings are a bit zingy and I'll probably replace them with Fender 8255's.

Well made, alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. 5-bolt neck. The metailc red finish looks great.

This is a great second bass for me. My primary is a Fender Jazz 4-string and I wanted to expand my tonal options for some of the newer country songs we play. After trying several 5-strings, the Greg Bennett Samick was the best value (I also considered Peavey, Ibanez SG, OLP, and Squire).

D Parker rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-17.

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