Samick Tabu Bass TBB2 TBK Reviews 4

I have recently thrown my iron back into the musical fire, and after much research, shopping and playing, I decided on the Samick Tabu Bass. I bought it at Rivercity music in Vancouver Wa. For 250.00 cash, and my G&L ASAT guitar on trade.

I love the Neck through body and general construction of the instrument. The lines are catchy and shape is one of a kind. It has a great sound, nice fretboard, headstock, and hardware. For the cost, it's hard to beat.

I had to have one of the pots replaced because it was scratchy on adjustment. Other then that. No problems.

Once again the Neck through is really important to me on a Bass. It's an excellent method for a quality instrument, and it makes the cutaways to have a more flowing look to them, and the active electronics are the bomb!

Hey! Every musician is picky when it comes to dropping a stack of c-notes on a new axe, or amp or any equipment. Samick has with this Greg Bennett design produced a high quality instrument at a affoardable price. I wish they had more color choices. If they had I would have given it the highest rateing. However the transparent black finish is of high quality, and very attractive up close, or from a distance.

Rob Blevins rated this unit 4 on 2005-05-24.

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