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I purchased this bass at Melodee Music in Virginia. It was my first bass, and I paid about $300 bucks for it. It was used, and i figured, if its used I can probably get a better bass for a lower price.

I really like how it feels. It feels balanced. When I was looking for my first bass, I knew some of the things I was looking for (I had played guitar for about 3/4 of a year by that time, so I didn't know exactly what to look for, so I asked a friend to help me.)It looks great, gold knobs, red transparent finish. Active pickup, sounds great on every amp I've played on. And it was pretty cheap for what I got.

It tends to go out of tune more easily than I'd like, but maybe its just because I need some new strings.

The quality of the bass in great. I looks and feels very well built and sounds great. I got a great deal. Has a really cool cut out headstock too!

I got an even better deal when I found out that the reason it was so cheap, was because the person who sold it didn't know what they had, and sold it for cash instead of credit(thus dropping what she accepted for it(it was the mother of the owner, he had bad grades and got into a lot of trouble))...anyway, the list price is $1100, and I could probably sell it for more than twice what I bought it for!!!! Great deal if you happen to come by one!

Happy Dude rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-19.

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