Samson Zoom Fire-30 Reviews 5

I got this amp from sam ash for around $200 At first i wasn't sure about this amp, i had gone through 5-6 different amps in this price range before i tried this.

I like EVERYTHING about this amp, the "metal" setting on the amp actually sounds metal. the effects aren't terrible, and the different settings capability are a great touch. If you know what your doing with your guitar sound and you have a keen ear for precision and quality, the versatility of this amp will not fail you.

It does't have a cup holder. Seriously, for the money, you cannot go wrong. If your into jazz fusion and want that rustic tone, get a different amp and stop reading this review. If you want a clean sounding acoustic, a heavy yet even crunch on distorion and effects and NOISE GATE, GET THIS AMP. thats right, built-in NOISE GATE.(ZOOM NOISE ELIMINATOR) is what they call it.

The chinese built this, so i presume the construction is good. The R&D team at samson thought of this very well, the quality is EXCELLENT.

TRY THIS AMP, buy it from a local dealer that lets you return stuff if you don't like it and try this amp. if you don't feel the same as i do about this amp, return it. don't lose money based on a reveiw. But 90% of me says you'll keep the amp.

mofocoolman rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-20.

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