Seagull Peppino D'Agostino Dual I Beam Reviews 5

I play fingerstyle excusively, so an acoustic with a wide neck(1 7/8")and nice action is a priority. Tried all guitars(Spent some money, too. Sold the wife and kids, that sort of thing), including Ovation,Taylor, Alvarez. Gotta have that wide neck for fingerstyle. Started looking at Seagull 2 years ago, but didn't give it much of a chance - that is until I picked one up and played it. Had a cedar top(which I avoid because of boominess....). But the thing played SO WELL. Eventually did some research, met someone who knew someone who knew someone who.......well, you get the idea. Saw Peppino D. play one and said to myself, self, "That's it." So I purchased one, plugged it in(this guitar has an LR Baggs dual I-beam pick-up system in it), and the rest is guitar-history. Since the purchase, I have quit my job, sold all my possessions, save for the Seagull, and have devoted my life in search of the perfect chord progression on my Peppino. Martin - go away; Taylor - go away; Ovation - go far away; Hohner - don't even think about it. Don't nobody talk to me, don't nobody call me, don't nobody bill me, don't nobody bother me. I'm playing my Peppino.


excellento.......a number one; top shelf; great; amazing; outstanding; wonderful; incredible.

buy one. the end.

James Seagull rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-23.

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