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I bought this classical guitar from a certain someone (who in this point wishes to remain anonymous) second-handed. I paid approximatly 110$ for it.

Although being a second-hand guitar (as I mentioned), it's in a very good condition. It was hardly used (you could very well think of it as a first-hand guitar), wich ofcourse ment rusty strings and a totaly-out-of-tune quality of sound (All that ofcourse tend to change after you buy new strings). The guitar has a very good resonance, and the sound produced is quite satisfactory.

There's actually not much that I don't like about this guitar. As far as sound-quality, it produces a very good sound in quality. Very good for starting guitarists and for practice (although the white-out markings on the frets for easy practice tend to wear-off quite very often)

Technically speaking, In refference to the actuall "hardware" (which ofcourse has all to do with the sound quality of the guitar) there are slight imperfections, if I may say so, but that may very well be from it being a second-hand guitar. Overall, the guitar is lasting and endurable (I stopped counting the number of times I dropped it)

Looking at the big picture, this Serena classical guitar is a very good "money-worth". the sound quality/price ratio is good, and it's also very durable, another thing that insures your money's worth!

Zinc rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-04.

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