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I have been playing drums for about a year and this was my first drum kit. I play in my church band and I use a Yamaha Stage Custom at church. My musical taste mainly revolves around rock and punk. I feel this is easier to play on the drums.

I like the finish quality of the Drum Kit. The double Braced Stands are a nice touch as if one slips you can always depend on the other area to hold it. Also the fact of the tuning key to hold the bass drum is a good effect as you dont have to faf about when setting up at a gig or any other venue for that matter.

I dont like the fairly Poor quality cymbols or the skins, once upgraded though you will have a brilliant Drum Kit

Over all, Very Impressive although cheaply made, for the price range, Worth every penny you spend on it.

Absolutly Brilliant, It is very good for a beginers drum kit.

Ben Eades rated this unit 5 on 2010-12-17.

The cymbals(14"hi hats,18"crash/ride)are absolute rubbish,they sound like metal trays.Replace them as soon as you can! The drum skins are also lame factory fitted ones,they sound really cheap. There is one thing that gets right on my nerves and thats the nut which holds the top hi hat to the clamp.If you want to have a loose top hat,you have to constantly keep tightening this nut as it unscrews itself!

Bearing in mind the price for this entry level kit,i think the overall build is pretty good.A few more lugs on the hoops would be nice!The stands are all double braced and the clamps have memory locks which is useful. I was quite impressed by the finish on the shells,very nice!The shells themselves are just cheapy plywood i think but for the price you can't expect better.

All in all this is a great kit for it's price.If you're a beginner with a low budget this is a perfect place to start.I would recommend upgrading cymbals and drum heads straight away if you have the cash but if you're skint i wouldn't worry too much.I hope this has been useful!

RenAGadE rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-01.

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