Shergold 6 String Masquerader Custom Reviews 4

the neck is the fastest nicest neck on any guitar ive ever played has had a light re-dress and set up recently after lots of use. hand made late 70s in london.its heavy and very well balanced to wear.all the strat/tele sounds are available plus more more and arich tone due to the mahogony body.

as with all shergolds the laquer marbles after a few years.the "ashtray"bridge cover.moast people like me, remove it. although i still have it

it has 3x3wayselector switches on the 2 pick ups and is capable of great variation in tones.single coil twin coil out of phase its a solid mahogony body with a one peice bolt on maple neck and schaller machine heads. looks a strat sort of shape.

an excellent guitar i once swapped it in 1984 with my dad for his cortina est,but i bought it back 3 yrs later and will always keep it . the guitar has a great all round sound .and is a very handy guitar for pretty much anything.

flatfoot rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-30.

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