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I mainly play uke but cannot resist the guitar temptation, currently have around 115 instruments. My son is a great jazz player, better than I will ever be, so I have sort of given up the six string beast in order to concentrate on the four string Hawaiian beach bat.

Bought this for 15 in a local car boot sale, replaced the strings and wow what a nice tool! Car boots are great for vintage finds, next time I will tell you about my 60's Vox semi for a fiver, and 1920's Uke for 50p! This is an early model 1976ish I am told.

Great neck, nearly as good as my favourite Washburn, but the pink 'un is perfect and is staying forever, whilst the Shergold is like most vintage guitars, a little variable in its qualities, and may one day depart. If I can swap it for a decent Macc copy for my son, it goes immediately! However, It is a nice Brit guitar, with the strange foibles of design that makes British stuff interesting if not immediately likeable. Love the neck, nice jumbo frets, quality Shallers et al, - hate the cheapo plastic scratch plate with it's even more cheapo 'Look I've discovered letraset!' lettering to the name! Sort of like the switches, ( remind me of the ones on the wall in Frankenstein's laboratory )but when they get dirty they send me mad. Nice balance, feels better than any of our Fenders, has a unique but slightly Gibson sound. It looks good from a distance, but a close view shows the poor make quality. Handmade? Sure, but I have seen better workmanship in school DT departments! Defineately a collectors guitar though, I have no idea how many were made, but they seem to be scarce, and look to fetch about 300 on eBay. My one is in happy retirement.

A clunky axe, sort of thrown together with no real style or finesse, cheap nasty looking plastic bits and apart from the Schallers, cheap fittings, switches etc.

Slim, very fast 22 fret bolt on neck with zero fret and thin nut/spacer. Solid one piece Mahogany body ( Nice piece of wood on this one, possibly as the lacquer is clear)but badly finished in the cut outs, and with a profile to the edges like those on a table leg.

A good vintage BRITISH guitar, but frankly not a patch on a cheap modern Chinese or Korean strat, which are not only built better but are CONSISTENT. Much nicer than any Hofner or Watkins in my opinion. The neck is near magic, let down by the rest of the guitar! Hold on though, lets be positive. In Summary I would say 'Uniquely British, great at the time' The fish & chips of Guitars! Back to the future.

UkenPlayIt rated this unit 3 on 2006-06-23.

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