Shure P6HW Personal Monitor Bodypack Reviews 5

The P6HW Personal Monitor Bodypack receiver is one of <i>the</i> best, if not the best, wired packs made by Shure. I recently purchased it for live and recording purposes, not only because of its compact size but also for its well-known “superior sound quality”. I recently started to play with in-ear monitors (JH audio 1600, really awesome monitors by the way) and if you don’t have a great, clean and quality piece to plug them in, chances are you will hear undesirable sounds.

The Shure P6HW is currently sold for a price around $600.

The P6HW has a compact size, metal case and doesn’t weigh a ton, so it sits comfortably and almost unnoticeably on your waist, close enough for volume monitoring. The biggest “pro” of this product can be found in its main purpose, the quality of the sound amplified. I’ve tried different headphone amps, but this one surpassed them all. The crystal clear sound quality, especially the low end, really satisfied my needs. This unit also comes with great settings such a limiter that is set to save your ears from loud, deafening, and unpredictable sounds. Your guitarist’s solo for example, zing!

This product has satisfied my needs fully. Zero cons…so far.

Protected by its metal case, this product is surely able to resist the harshness of the road and its many stages. Its volume control knob is steady and professionally made, never fluctuating during a performance. Power, peak and especially low-battery LEDs, keep you informed about the unit’s operation status, which is powered via 9 volt battery.

For its price you should expect a great product from this unit, and that’s exactly what you get with the Shure P6HW. Six hundred bucks well invested for the accuracy and ease of your performance. Highly recommended by this musician.

mtebaldi rated this unit 5 on 2010-12-11.

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