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Solid cedar top. Rosewood back, sides, bridge, and fingerboard. maple bindings, mahogany neck.I've played the clarinet and alto sax. Played steel string for a few years and moved on to the sound of nylon.

I acquired this product at a local guitar shop at $399 plus tax. I was looking to make a switch from steel to nylon and teach myself classical guitar.

Loved the earthy tone and good resonance. The guitar felt great just the right fit for me.

Brand new had an internal buzzing that no one was able to fix at the store nor was the shop luthier. It had a fret buzz 3rd fret 6th string.

The replacement guitar sent in for it had the same issues. The third replacement guitar had worse issues. Not only the guitar but the case stamped with Sierra's name on it had what seemed like a carpet tack strip in the bottom of the case about one foot long and 1 ince wide that I actually cut myself on.

I got my money back. Do not recommend. I can understand a guitar needing minor tweaks but to send fromthe manufacturer 2 more guitars with the same problems is kinda rediculous. Not to mention the cut i received from inside the guitar case.

evan mack rated this unit 1 on 2010-01-28.

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