Silvertone 1953 Acoustic Guitar Reviews 5

Well, I was trying to learn how to play guitar, and my grandmother said that she had one from when she was a young girl. I asked if I could see it and so she dug it out. I had it fixed up with new machine heads and bridge and strings, and she just gave it to me. All I had to pay for was the cost of repairs which was $30.00.

I love how classic the sound is. I have rarely heard a guitar with such beautiful sound. It is clear and crisp and breathtaking.

The strings set up off the fretboard too high. Either the new bridge isn't right for the guitar, or it was put on way wrong. Either way, the strings are way too high for my comfort.

It was constructed very well, and after almost fifty years of being moved around from one house to the next, without a case, it is in very nice condition. Only a few little scratches around the outside edge and one small crack near the pick guard are the only slight problems with the look.

This guitar is beautiful and I would never part with it. It will be with me until my last days.

J. Crow rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-21.

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