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4 string 'P' Bass copy. black, natural neck, rosewood fretboard. Picked up my first one at local guitar repair shop for $80.00 with tax. Played just like early fender. Adjusted by the 'Pro' in town. Sold it for $240.00 to another Bass player at a studio I was recording at, only because I found another in a dumpster the day before. It took cleaning and adjustment but plays as well as the first. It is now the Bass I take on Planes. My flight case was the only 'cash' in it. Paint took a buffing very well. I'll be peeking in dumpsters from now on...

these can be found in the $100 range, usually. $200 and you better get practice amp and bag or case. I primarily play Upright, and Odd instruments. With proper set up it is like early fender.

Commercials/backup accompanist

Replaceable, Handles air travel well. I never need to worry about it. Get's the sound of the old days. no battery.

Small tuner diameter, If you are bothered by 'comments' maybe you need a name brand just for your 'Ego'...It won't come with a good case.

Music Man has harder wood on the neck, and smoother pickup, (at 10 X the price)

If you are learning, Get it set up right. If you play, it will do what you want or you can change it. I can buy one of these cheaper than I can buy a Neck most places. I'll pick up more and make them road ready. If I need to play 'Green Onion' no need to pay more.

wear safety gear when Dumpster diving. (gloves glasses, hard shoes, long pants and sleeves)

Gasocaster rated this unit 3 on 2011-09-15.

We started a band... thought we need a bass player, I saved up. I got it at Music Manor for 211.00. I wanted a bass guitar so I saved up for it!

I love everything!!! Its great, and it has a great sound to it!! I just wish it came with a bigger amp, I get blasted out when we practice

the size of the amp isn't very big, you easily get blasted out with the big amps that the guitars have

its pretty good, it has a rosewood fretbord, maple neck, two pickups,tone and volume control and its black. I love my bass guitar!! It rocks my world!

I don't know. I LOVE IT!

PinkBassFreak rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-28.

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