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The TBK1 is a filter plug-in, part of Sonalksis Creative Elements bundle, which also features the TBK2, the Digital Grimebox and TBK3 compressor. The TBK1 differs from conventional plug-in filter by offering Adaptive Resonance, which calibrates resonation levels automatically. The TBKs, once in your plug-in library, can be put to use for Stereo, Mono and MIDI applications.

Sonalksis TBK1 is currently priced at $99.99. The Creative Elements Bundle costs $249.99

Some room for improvement? I do wish the Resonance control could give you more than only four preset levels, and a knob would make the job more precise and customizable. Secondly, its interface could have been built with bigger dimensions, I usually find myself squinting to see the attributes on its controls. And finally, I think its price could use an improvement and more reasonable.

Sonalksis plug-ins are always very nicely built. The controls offer precision on manipulation, no latency and great results.

Depending of your studio level you can see the TBK as a secret weapon or a just another gadget. Although there are many situations where the TBK can be greatly applied, it is not the indispensable type of plug-in. I would recommend one to go for a test drive/free trial first to see if this plug-in with a $100 price tag would be a worthy investment.

mtebaldi rated this unit 4 on 2011-02-23.

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