Sonus Green Badge 50W 2x12" combo Reviews 5

Firstly it looks amazing, secondly it is the only amp I have owned which has such an incredible range of tones. The controls are not the usual potentiometers, but are rotary switches which allow the amp to voiced like any amp plus any guitar. There is no background noise (this is a tube amp) and it is so powerfull.

Nothing yet, but I only bought it last week.

The side panels are made from aluminum extrusion, top and bottom panels are of some plastic type substance. The shape is incredible, see and see what I mean. The internals I'm told are to British military spec. (I haven't looked). The range of clean sounds is just amazing.

Fantastic, best amp I've ever used in fifteen years playing (I'm not a pro player. Just a doctor with a serious hobby).

Henry Alexander rated this unit 5 on 2001-10-23.

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