Soundcraft LX7 II Console Mixer Reviews 5

Had this console (The 24 channel version) installed at my church after a lightening strike destroyed our old one. Insurance is great! I don't know how much I paid exactly, because we contracted for a whole new system. Musicians Friend has it for $1999, but I probably paid more as we got design and installation for a whole system.

It's pre-amps are extremely quiet - in fact, the whole board is. It's also very flexible: It can be used for a big system or for recording, or both as we do. In addition, the sweepable mids in the 4 band eq for each channel are wonderful. We can dial out annoying frequencies with precision, and dial in great tone for each singer/instrument.

The lack of a meter for each channel is slightly anoying, although you can always hit pfl to meter each one. Our sound techs are also anoying through the "Talkback" feature, but that's not the board's fault.

This console is well made. The faders and rotary's all have a quality feel. The preamps are truly pro quality at a great price.

Do note that do to this unit's great flexibility, you need to know what you are doing, or hire someone who does. Great flexibility means more complicated. Still, most everything is intuitive to someone who knows mixers. The one thing missing that you might get on, say an Allen and Heath is modular channels that let you replace just one channel if it fails. But the A&H is $1K more! This is a pro-console at a terrific price!

Ken rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-25.

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