Squier BP-15 Amplifier Reviews 4

I got this amp in a Bass package that came with a P-bass and a whole bunch of accesories, i paid 543.00 for the pack but it was selling for seperate at $155, i bought it in the pack because after seeing a un-noticable difference in the squier p-bass and jazz bass, i wasnt going to waste the money.

Its freakin loud! For a 15 watt it blew my ears away, at least in my room that is. Its very easy to use, just perfect size, very nice looking, convient to use, just plug in and play. It has a great bass sound to it, and im getting clean notes on all frets.

It creates static at high volumes, but who puts a bass amp at full volume eh? it buzzes while your not playing, but most amps do that, and the cord might not be helping, thats it though, so no biggies.

VERY VERY good quality, black grill cloth, 15x17.5x9.5 (LxWxH) this amp is a great size for the quality. Im glad to hear nice clean notes for such a low price aka (also known as) small investment.

If your not serious about playing bass, get this amp, if you are serious about playing bass, get this amp. hehe, anyways its freakin loud and if treated properly and not moved around, she will be your best freind, and for the price, hell it beats the fender frontman 15 which is 50 bucks more and the crate/ibanez/behringers and the maybe the peavy. Bottom line: for the price, you cant beat it, at least, for the volume.

Billy Mohler rated this unit 4 on 2002-07-05.

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