Squier '87 Precision Bass Reviews 4

I bought it at a garage sale for $100. with the hard case. One string sounded 'dead' but it turned out to be just wound wrong (too high so that it was not seated in the neck groove properly).

This guitar feels and sounds great! I didn't know that the current Squier's are being made in Indonesia or China until I bought this one. The new ones do not compare to this '87 reissue by Fender of Japan. I have seen photos of the 50th anniversary issue American P-Bass (made at the Corona plant). My Squier is identical except for the gold plated hardware on the anniversary reissue and the "50th anniv" neckplate) In fact this "J Turser" Bass looks like a reissue of my Squier!!

I think it gets confused with current issue cheaper Squier's which takes away from its value as a classic part of Fender history. Other than that - it's a P-bass in every way.

Identical to an American P-Bass but made by Fender of Japan.

If you find on of these in good shape for less than $300 - buy it.

Alleyg rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-26.

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