Squier 5 String Precision Bass Indonesia Reviews 4

Wanting to cheaply test out a five string to see if could adapt to it, I picked this up, very slightly used, at a local music shop outside Toronto for $350 canadian ($250 US)

Having the green body, it kind of seemed like the ugly puppy at the pound that no one wants. I thought it was kind of cute. The bass itself definitely has the P-Bass heritage. You can dial in a nice fat Fender sound with ease. The volume and tone knobs are responsive. Balance is pretty good, although its heavy.(almost 11 lbs)

Physically, the 2" across the nut takes a lot of getting used to, especially if you are used to a thin neck 4,like a Jazz. Also, the string spacing across the pickups is equally larger. Soundwise, it performs well low, but mid to hi tones get nasty fast if you crank it up. The 'B' string is a bit soft, but hey $350!

Build quality is acceptable for a bass in this price range. Volume and Tone pots a little whacked out, but nothing serious.

As a starter bass, it is not a bad choice as it is playable and has ok sound characteristics. And the price is certainly right. Be sure to examine the frets closely. Overall for me, as a test unit, it has been a success. Time to trade up!!

Spudboy rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-19.

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