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This bass is amazing!!! Its price is the best bit but apart from that it is a good, weel built bass. The finish is really good. I got the red. There are some reviews I have read that say it is not very good and will fall apart but unless I've just got an unusually good one these reviews shouldn't be listned to. The amp is really decent. I got one with a silver fabric front, which at first I was quite annoyed at but then I got used to it and it looks really cool in my room. The extras that come with the bass are really useful. The lead is decent, it hasn't failed me yet anyway! I didn't get a video with mine but I got a book that comes with a CD which is really useful and I am working through it.

On the brige one of the screws is loose and it is really annoying hovever all you have to do is tighten it by crosshead screwdriver to fix it. Also the bass barely fits in the gig-bag which is annoying. Also I think it might just be me but if you dont press the strings hard enough they vibrate and fuzz really badly.

This kit is really good quality even though it gets dirty quite easily. I have a friend who owns a legend bass and he likes mine as much if not better - i think!!!

Mr Banchory Bassman rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-16.

I bought this pack at long and mcquade, it was 543.97 that price included tax. I aquired it because it was a convient and easy purchase at a great price, and after trying it, i was hooked.

Convience, definatly that. The bass is well built and fairly light for a bass. I love the red finish. the amplifier blew me away!!!! it is so damn loud when you turn it all the way up and but the volume knob on the guitar up to. Uh.. dont try that unless your gigging LOL. Anyways... the video was really helpful!!!! i loved it! you got to play with a fender band which was great. The strap is a little uncomfortable but im getting used to it. the strap and gig bag are a great bonus. I was surprised at how many different sounds you can get out of this bass without having any complications. The ease of use in the amp laid my fears to rest.

Tone and Volume knobs arent marked, so i have to estimate, but thats no biggie, the headphone jack isnt a normal size, so you need a bigger peice to fit in there. But thats about it. its mostly personal downfalls, if your not purticular you'll love this package.

Even though ive had this product for about 12 hours, LOL, im really pleased with how it is holding up, nothing has been damaged and the amp isnt as fragile as shifty (another reviewer) claimed. But im glad that the guitar is a very durable peice of wood and im surprised at the strenght it posseses.

Got parents who dont want you spending alot of money? Dont got alot of money? Looking for a cheap bass and amp to accompany your guitar collection? Want a long term fun thing to fool around with? THIS IS IT!!! Buy this package! If you dont ill kill you. =D j/k, but dont go buying anything else until youve tried it.

Billy Mohler rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-05.

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