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I bought this fender bass pak at my local music store, about a 15 minute drive down the road. I bought this because I wanted to learn how to play a bass guitar and I was told that a fender or an ibanez bass pack was a good place to start. I payed $280 for this wonderful guitar.

I think I got what I payed for. The P-Bass came with an amp, instructional video, gig bag, and strap. The amp is good enough; in the month that I've been practicing and learning how to play it's not had a problem. The amp sounds good enough and all its sound controls work; it can produce a varying number of bass sounds that all work very well. So far I've learned to play two songs: The Kids Aren't Alright by The Offspring and Enough by Gravity Kills. The songs have very different sounds and the amp/guitar can produce both of them easily with just the twist of a knob. The instructional video was very helpful; it had everything that I needed to learn how to play, including a few practice songs and exercises. The bass itself is very nice; it produces great sound and is easy to handle. So far I haven't had one practice session that I didn't love.

I don't like the fact that it doesn't have a "B" string; I have to tune down when I want to try to learn some Slipknot or Staind, for example. The pack didn't come with a tuner either, so I had to buy my own. I would have rather had a book than an instructional video for easier reference(although it did come with a tiny reference booklet). It did'nt come in enough colors either(only four). I would have been happier with an orange or silver bass rather than a black. Also, the pickups are in a bad position; the only place where I felt comfortable plucking was where the pickups were and I kept hitting them because they were too high, and thus had to learn to pluck higher up the string, which is still uncomfortable for me. The knobs to change volume and tune on the guitar aren't marked with anything, so I have to estimate where they're set at which can be a pain. Finally, the original instructional video that came with the pack did not work; I had to take it back to the store and exchange it for one that did, which was a real hassle and shouldn't have happened.

The guitar and amp are very high quality. Nothing has broken. I like the way the frets are set up on the fretboard. The guitar itself isn't that heavy and is easy to play with standing up. The amp is a little heavy, and fragile, so I can't move it around too much. Everything is working fine, nothing has cracked or been damaged, etc, so it wasn't made cheaply. The gig bag is very tough and is easy to move the guitar around in. I was very pleased with the heavy packing that the bass pack came with; squier wanted to ensure that nothing was damaged.

This is a worthy bass guitar to learn to play on. It's high quality and is perfect for a wide range of tunes. The guitar itself has no problems and is shaped well. I recommend this bass pack to any beginning bass player.

Nick B. rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-01.

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