Squier Fretless Standard Jazz Bass Reviews 4

Tobacco sunburst; rosewood fretboard with lines; white pickguard. Stock with Fender flatwound strings. 34' scale; Neck 1.5' wide at the nut.

Purchased new in 2005 from Hollowood Music in Pittsburgh, PA. Needed a fretless to do some specialty work for a church gig. Paid $300 with gig bag. Fender no longer makes this bass, having replaced it with the Vintage Modified Jazz, with an MSRP of $500 for bass only.

The Squier Standard Jazz Fretless has Fender quality at an affordable price. Tone is what you would expect from the classic two-pickup system, but some tinkering, a string change and setup is necessary to get a good fretless 'mwah' from the instrument.

A this price, there is nothing I bad I can say about this bass.

Fit and finish are fine. It's not too heavy and well balanced. The neck is smooth, comfortable and fast.

The Squier Standard Jazz (no longer available) is an affordable option for players looking to add a fretless bass to their arsenal or for those wishing to experiment with fretless. I see no reason to spend the extra $300 it would take for a casual player to buy the Fender model, which is virtually identical.

Laklander rated this unit 4 on 2009-12-13.

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