Squier Jazz and Precison Bass Reviews 1

I play-tested these axes at Kuso's Guitar Center in Omaha, NE. Testing is free! But I wanted a bass for playing at less respectable places where equipment can get hosed by the clientel. Ultimately I did not but either of these basses.

I liked nothing about these basses. Even the cheap price wasn't encouraging enough. Eventually I ended up buying a Mexican-made P-Bass.

I hated everything about these Squires. For starters, the name. Then the sound was basic black and nothing spectacular. The neck and frets felt as if you were running your hand along a neighbors' picket fence while walking down the street. Plus they felt like a napsack full of rocks hanging off you shoulder.

The only thing positive I can say about these basses is at least they didn't fall apart in my hands.

Bottom line: For a beginner on a budget and truly desperate for a bass, then perhaps a Squire would be acceptable for teething. I do beleive a Mexican-made Fender would suit the beginner far better. But don't "fret". Better days and basses await you! That's a promise! Just say no to Squire and everything gonna be alright!

JW rated this unit 1 on 2005-02-02.

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