Squier Modified Vintage P-Bass Reviews 5

I play for fun along with some other teachers in a schoolband and I sometimes fill in for an coverbamd. I play the bass since I was 14. Now I'm 52 and a few years ago I started again to play. I reay like all sorts of music.

I bought the bass new in an muscistore and I paid 300 euro for it.

Everything! It's good looking, sounds great with the Duncan pick-ups and is built to last. I put on the original chrome covers and a tortoise shell pickguard and an thumbrest and now it's looking even better.

The fact that it's sold without the covers and the action was rather high, but they changed that in the store. In fact no problem.

Very though, feels good en seems very well built.Good materials used.

For this price: think twice before you buy anything else but this Squier.

Mart van Eijk rated this unit 5 on 2008-05-07.

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