Squier P-Bass (1996) Reviews 5

Bought it second-hand, from a friend. This bass was far better than my previous one, and the price paid was $180.

1. Price to Quality 2. Sensitive enough 3. Not heavy 4. Colour (arctic white) 5. Paint chipped off (a 'vintage' feel :) 6. Finally, the sound :)

1. No Jazz pickup 2. The G note on the E string, 3rd fret, has a shorter sustain than the rest ones. 3. Time to change frets.

Well, an ordinary Precision, nothing special about it's construction. The quality is good. I've tried a couple of recent Squier P-'s and I find them worse than this one.

1996 was a jubilee year for Fender, so they seem to have made a good series of Squiers in that year :) But I still dream of a Music Man Stingray :)

carnay rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-20.

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