Squier Precision Bass Special 5 String Reviews 4

I purchased this bass at Sam Ash Music for $259.00.I wanted to buy a backup bass for my Fender Precsion and Jazz Basses.I also looking for something affordable.

The bass has a nice tone.It uses 2 J Bass pickups,something not found on traditional P Basses.2 volume controls and 1 tone control make this bass simple to use(Let your amp craft the sound).The neck has very little lacquer on it.I also like it's playability.

The bass was not set up and the A string had a buzz on the open fret,both easily fixed by my bass tech.This could be a turn off on someone looking for a good bass at a low price.

The construction was done quite well.The bass bridge was nice and solid giving nice sustain.Most basses in this price range give you a cheap bridge that gets the job done.Most players would change it,but this one is crafted well.The cherry finish was a nice touch and had no flaws in the paint job

This bass is good for someone starting out on a 5 string or someone looking for a Fender bass at an affordable price.Squier Basses are not a joke,after all,they're still a Fender!

rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-18.

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